Premiere: “Glue Gate” by Bucket

By Andrew Wang

Stream the new Bucket single from the upcoming EP Bouquet, to be released March 31st on Sad Cactus Records:

Bucket has been a mainstay of Western Massachusetts basements for a few years, and have earned a dedicated following among local music fans with biting guitars and a healthy dose of snarky commentary. They are heavily indebted to a particular wave of 90s alt rock but command a sense of technicality and focus many of those bands lacked. After a trickling out a number of self recorded hits on bandcamp, Bucket headed to Sonelab last September to record their first major release with resident engineer Justin Pizzoferato, who has worked with some local legends as well as more recent bands like Parquet Courts.

Pizzoferato’s production brings all of the noise Bucket makes to the surface. “Gluegate” kicks off with textural guitar work reminiscent of classic American lo-fi band Swirlies; interludes of feedback and whammy dives provide a perfect backdrop for vocalist Will Meyer’s sharp sing-spoken delivery.

All the noisy atmospherics and slidey noodling belie a rather unconventional song structure. The first chorus doesn’t come in until halfway through, and the track peaks with the guitars continuing to meander into a perfectly off kilter solo.

Bucket delivers lyrics in a way that mimes the nonchalant attitude of 90’s slack rockers like Stephen Malkmus but with linguistic coherence and conviction that is uncommon in many of their influences. An astute observer and never without a strong opinion, Meyer often writes songs to convey a particular message rather than stringing together nice-sounding nonsense. “Glue Gate” is based on a personal experience of Meyers’. He says “the song is about a scandal involving glue and navigating difficult relationships.” This man sure does “stick” to the facts.

Check out “Glue Gate” here and go to their EP release show at Laughing Dog Bicycles on March 31st

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